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What are we doing here?

Hello Scratch DJ Academy students, followers, subscribers, stalkers, trolls, and unfortunate onlookers.  As you have probably noticed at this point, Scratch DJ Academy has rejoined the internet blog community with the launch of #DJLife (sooner or later to be filled with content).  These pioneers of technology truly wish to live life on the wild side, and, as an unintended consequence, have asked me to fill their corner of the internet with musings on DJ technology.

My name is Jared (aka Devil’s Advocate, aka DvlsAdvct) and I am being given this space to talk to you about the DJ industry.  I am going to be focusing on how we, as DJs new and old, can best: navigate the marketplace of gear; decipher the few, yet vastly different software’s available; and keep our heads wrapped around the moving’s of the industry.

I think it is the best idea to begin with who the hell am I and why you should care at all about what I have to say.  So, unfortunately, we’re going to start with a brief bio of my wanderings through the DJ industry over the last… 8 or so years.

Where this all comes from.

I initially got my start DJing on my PC in my college dorm room on a copy of eJay that I found in a box of CD labels when I decided I could DJ better than the local club DJs in my college town (see: frozen wasteland), Albany, NY.  I was a poor, misdirected goth who got into a lot of music no one cares about anymore (including the people who listen to it).  I wandered the DJ lands on CDs, turntables, digital vinyl and a bunch of other junk before I finally settled on Traktor Pro and a VCI-100 in 2007.  I was a loyal patron of DJ TechTools for many years, and modded their forums for a while as well.

After a few years kind of following the crowd I was introduced to Bome MIDI Translator.  This was my real introduction to the power of MIDI and what it can do for us DJs; most importantly, it taught me how to make the technology in front of me really define my style and sound.  I was DJing semi-regularly to regularly around NYC and north Jersey for a while, and loving every minute.

For reasons not worth getting into over the internet because everyone is too sensitive, I fell out of the club scene and began just DJing and making mixes (find some here, here and more stuff I write here (at least once it’s done)).  In 2011 I began work consulting with Stanton on their SCS1 and SCS3 products to bring them in line with Traktor Pro 2, and began writing reviews for Skratchworx, now DJWorx.  Since then I have been to a few trade shows, and helped work on MIDI implementation for manufacturers such as Stanton, Vestax and Electrix.

Where is this all going?

All of that, in a rather indirect way, and skipping over a lot of unimportant details, brings us here.  This blog is dedicated to utilizing DJ technology and understanding what the many changes mean to us.  I am not interested in posting press releases and linking to YouTube videos of teasers.  I want you all to come here to discuss, with me and each other, where we all fit in the DJ world and how we can best balance our skills with all of the shiny toys.

We are going to discuss gear (new and old), software (mainly new), the industry, and how it all impacts the DJ world as a whole.  I’m hoping we see instructors from Scratch DJ Academy teaching me about how I’m wrong while I explain to them why they are.  I want us all to learn where all this gear is bringing the DJ world, and how we can drag it kicking and screaming to where it needs to be, as opposed to where others are saying it should go.  There will be talk of how to develop digital workflows, how to manage your music files, why software is both a blessing and curse to us all, as well as how to use MIDI to take control of your software and develop your own style.  I’m also going to argue about stuff.  Argue with me.  That’s what the internet is for.

We are here to have an informative and polite discussion about DJing.  Zealots will not be tolerated on either side of the aisle, and trolling will be met swiftly and effectively with hammers.


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