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Music Production Certification

Start your electronic music production career today.  In our Music Production Certification track, you will gain a solid understanding of Ableton’s foundational elements including sampling, synthesis, sequencing, sound design, and basic mixing/mastering techniques.  The four required classes (MP101, MP202, MP303, MP404) will take you from beginner to advanced-level course material in the popular Ableton Live 9 Suite software package, covering:

  • Ins & outs of Ableton Live 9 Suite
  • Music theory & song structure
  • In depth sampling & sound design techniques
  • DJing live with Ableton
  • Creating remixes & mashups
  • Mastering & personalizing your sound

The Music Production Certification typically takes a period of 32 weeks to complete, with meetings once weekly.

Upon completion of the Music Production Certification track, graduates will have created a 2-4 track EP and will receive a plaque recognizing their achievement.

$1,800 (single payment) - available online

-- OR --

4 installments of $481.25 each (call your Academy to arrange payments)

Combine DJ Certification and Music Production Certification for more affordable pricing and our Master Certification distinction. 

Music Production Certification 1 Music Production Certification 2