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One of the best A-Trak at Scratch DJ Academy!

Blast From The Past

It’s amazing how much things can change in 10 years.

Scratch DJ Academy has a new HQ in NYC. We have added two amazing locations in Los Angeles and Miami and now teach the art of DJing to over 50,000 people a year. Not to mention you can now take courses in Music Production with some of the best instructors in the game!

Not only has Scratch changed but the DJ game has changed too. Individuals and groups of DJs are selling out major concert venues all over the world. There are huge multi-day 100,000+ person festivals dedicated to DJs and the top selling DJs are being revered as modern day rock stars with the fans, music and money to prove it.

There is one thing that hasn’t changed. Great DJs continue to spin incredible sets. Here’s a perfect example: 10 years ago on February 28, 2002,  A-Trak stopped by our studio in NY and did what he does best. Check it out:


Meet Alex aka 12-year-old DJ Pop Drop. Alex started taking classes at Scratch when he was 10. DJ Pop Drop has spun at the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, festivals and many other fun events. Find out more about one of our youngest and most driven students.

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Let Scratch DJ Academy’s, DJ Esquire teach you: The Chirp Flare Combo scratch.

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We spent the weekend at AfroPunk Fest. Turntables, music and more. Scratch DJ Academy is teaching the new wave of DJ’s and Music Producers. Join the Movement. Subscribe to Scratch DJ Academy – Like Us – Follow Us – Tweet Us –

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Scratch NYC recently held it’s 2nd ART IN SOUND showcase with DJ for a Cure to raise money and awareness for Lymphoma. The art show curated by DJ Quiana Parks and Leighton Pope aims to raise awareness to the seriousness of cancer by highlighting the world of popular DJ culture infused with the element of…

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Let Scratch DJ Academy’s, Master Instructor, DJ Noumenon teach you: The Baby, Scribble and Drag scratch. Want to learn more? Subscribe to our Youtube channel: Like Us – Follow Us – Tweet Us –

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Scratch DJ Academy is glad to present WIDE. A monthly celebration of the DJ art form. This time we had the legendary DJ / Producer, DJ Prince Paul. As well as, Fool’s Gold Sammy Bananas and Scratch’s own DJ Esquire and Oh Rogue! Scratch DJ Academy is teaching the new wave of DJ’s and Music…

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Janelle’s Final Exam is here. Instructor DJ Rob Swift, has asked each of his students to prepare a 10min set. Here’s their experience spinning for the first time in front of a crowd of classmates at the Scratch DJ Academy NYC. Watch episodes 1-3 HERE. Also, be sure to read more on this at….

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Scratch is proud to present DJ Monopoli, an up-and-coming DJ. Learn more about his experience learning how to DJ at Scratch DJ Academy and the DJ’s that inspire him. Scratch DJ Academy is teaching the new wave of DJ’s and Music Producers. Join the Movement. Subscribe to Scratch DJ Academy – Like Us –…

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Watch this quick video snippet from the new “Made in America” full length movie. In this clip released by Rolling Stone, Howard talks with Skrillex about what it’s like to watch him stitch together tracks. “I loved seeing your hands,” says Howard. “It’s like you’re a tap-dancer.” The complete Made in America documentary is out…

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Building Beats held a workshop recently at the Scratch New York Academy. The guest DJ’s took the time during their session with the students to give us their Heavy Rotation. #DJLIFE Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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Meet Oliver and Janelle. They are students at The New School. Here’s their experience learning how to DJ at the Scratch DJ Academy NYC with instructor DJ Rob Swift. Watch episodes 4 + 5 HERE. Be sure to read more on this at Scratch DJ Academy is teaching the new wave of DJ’s and…

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